DBank SMS Stay in touch with your money! Your mobile is with you throughout the day, so it makes sense to use it for day-to-day banking (as well as the odd Call!). With DBank SMS you can get alerted on various transactions to or from your account or request for account related information. Set up easy and you’ll feel be on top of your finance at all time. Reasons to Smile Balance enquiry. Alert SMS for transfer cheque to and from account. Salary credit. Limit based Credit/Debit to account. Closing balance. Alert SMS for Loan installment. Alert SMS for Credit card usage. Credit Card balance enquiry. Credit Card payment due notifications. Last 5 transactions mini-statement You don’t have to wait anymore for receiving information. Now, when you require any account related information, just send an SMS to 92610. For example, send an SMS with text BAL SSAV (for Savings Account) to 92610 and you will receive the balance of your account or send LTX SSAV (for Savings Account) and you will receive the last 5 transactions of your account. Register for DBank SMS today Fill out the application form when you open your account. Existing customers can register for SMS Banking by submitting the SMS application/request through their DBank Online account. Upon registration, you’ll receive a secure PIN via SMS on your mobile. Once you receive the PIN, go online at www.dohabank.com.qa and click on DBank SMS Login located on the top right hand corner of the page. Enter your user credentials and login to update the settings for your SMS alerts. For security reason, please remember not to disclose or write down your password. Terms and conditions apply.