Offshore Oil
High quality crudes and associated gas are produced from the offshore Maydan Mahzam and Bul Hanine fields which began production in 1965 and 1972, respectively. QP operates two offshore production stations on these fields, PS-2 and PS-3. Both PS-2 and PS-3 platforms produce crude oil, associated gas and condensate. Oil with condensate is piped to Halul Island for storage and export. Gas is primarily used to assist in lifting the oil from reservoirs, utilized as production station and Halul fuel gas and feed to Mesaieed NGL facilities. Crude oil from three other offshore fields operated by QP joint venture partners on a production sharing arrangement with QP, is also processed, stored and exported at Halul Island. Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Ltd (OPQL) operates PS-1 (Idd El-Shargi Field, North and South Domes), TOTAL Exploration & Production-Qatar (TEPQ) operates Al-Khalij field, and Qatar Petroleum Development-Japan (QPD) operates Al- Karkara and A-Structure Fields. Main activities are: Oil production in 2008 for PS-2 and PS-3 was about 31.1 million barrels (84,995 b/d) Joint Ventures facilities (PS-1, ALK, K & A): Combined oil production from these three joint venture production facilities in 2008 was 57.4 million barrels (156,873 b/d).