Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance When a serious illness strikes, it can have a devastating impact on almost every area of your life. Making provisions for yourself and your family can give you peace of mind and financial security. Unfortunately, too many people face the daunting prospect of not only having to cope with their illness, but having the additional strain of worrying about financial commitments they simply have no way of meeting. What most of us don’t fully consider are the financial costs for ourselves and our family of surviving, or continuing to suffer from, a critical illness. Protecting yourself and your loved ones is something you should consider because it may give you funds when you need it, provides flexibility in spending, improves quality of life and gives peace of mind. Critical illness insurance will pay out a cash sum on the diagnosis of certain specified critical illnesses or if a policy owner becomes permanently disabled as a result of injury or illness*. Reasons to Smile Choose from flexible coverage options. Special Policy option designed for Women. Facility to purchase the policy online through portal. Hassle free enrolment and does not involve you to go for any sort of pre-Underwriting medical tests. It is an insurance cover and not a reimbursement. Get a lump sum payment equivalent to the sum insured if diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses listed in the policy. 24/7 Worldwide coverage. Standard premiums that do not fluctuate with age. To Apply Visit the Insurance Section on or Click Here Call Hello Doha on 4445 6000 or SMS ‘CRITICAL’ to 92610 Step into your nearest branch or visit our Bancassurance Office in C Ring Road *Please refer to the definitions in the policy terms and conditions for details. Disclaimer: This product is underwritten by Doha Bank Assurance Company LLC (DBAC) and issued subject to the terms and conditions determined by them. DBAC is a 100% owned subsidiary of Doha Bank, but is a separate legal entity authorized by the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA). Doha Bank does not offer Insurance advice, nor does it manage, underwrite or issue Takaful policies. Doha Bank or its employees are not responsible for rejected applications or claims. Premiums received by Doha Bank are not bank deposits. All Contributions collected from customers are forwarded to DBAC. This product is optional and not a pre- requisite for any credit or deposit product offered by Doha Bank. This plan, its benefits and proceeds are subject to the QFCRA Regulations. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation