Audio Conferencing
Improve the productivity of your business and gain competitive advantage with a cost effective and efficient Audio Conferencing service. Audio Conferencing has existed for a long time in many parts of the world but to date a Qatar local toll free dial-in number has not existed and companies have had to make international calls if they wanted to take advantage of the significant benefits that Audio Conferencing can deliver. All you need with the Audio Conferencing service from Vodafone is a local toll free dial-in number and a fixed line- or mobile phone. With Audio Conferencing, you will enjoy: More efficient, cost effective real-time meetings Savings on costs for International calls Increased productivity and faster decision-making Conference calls to over 50 countries Participation of up to 40 participants Easy-to-use, non-technical service No prior booking requirements For more information, contact your Vodafone Account Manager, Business Care on 110 / +974 8007110 or Email:
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