Air Conditioner Rental
Aggreko has unsurpassed experience in providing temporary air conditioner solutions for rental to industrial customers. Our air conditioner rental units provide temporary and contingency cooling services in a wide range of locations including movie sets, major business conferences and industrial workplaces such as oil and gas and construction sites. Our fleet of heavy-duty rental air conditioners have cooling capacity up to 80 tons and are capable of more than 12,000cfm of 45 degree air. A specialised part of this capacity range is the portable air conditioner units we offer, with capacity of 14 to 42 tons, which can be supplied with a full range of ancillary equipment. We offer a HushPac line of air conditioners for situations where very low noise is a priority. These units provide up to 30 tons of cooling, or 50kW of safe, electric heat with a sound rating of 80 dBA at 3 feet. These HushPac units have: Internal condensate pumps to remove condensation from the unit and its vicinity Built-in variable-speed fans A hot-gas bypass to allow for low-load ambient conditions.