HVAC Rental
Aggreko has the world’s largest fleet for rental of temperature control solutions including chillers, cooling towers, air conditioners, spot coolers, air handlers and heat exchangers. All our equipment and services is available for rental on long term or short term basis across the Middle East and Gulf countries; UAE-Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. Northern Emirates and Al Ain including Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman. Our temperature control equipment ranges from small portable air conditioner rental units for internal use, to water chillers and large cooling towers capable of delivering tens of thousands of tons of cooling capacity on a temporary rental basis. Used on short and medium term rental applications such as standalone cooling facilities and for process augmentation, additional cooling capacity can provide improved operational efficiency and plant throughout. Industries in the Middle East which frequently use our temperature control rental solutions and HVAC rental equipment include: Manufacturing Food processing Events & entertainment Oil & gas Construction Facilities management Petrochemical and Refineries Aggreko’s technical specialists are available 24x7 to deploy and service temperature control equipment, monitor performance and to ensure outstanding service.