Part-Time Studies
The University of Calgary in Qatar offers the option to study part-time to students enrolled in our Bachelor of Nursing, Post-Diploma program. Students wishing to register part-time should be aware that they must be available to attend class a minimum of 1 full day a week as well as in the evenings.
Students studying part-time complete the same number of courses as students studying full-time. As a part-time student, it will take a minimum of 2.5 years to complete the program however students requiring English language training will take longer.
Please note part-time study is not available to students enrolled in our 4-year Bachelor of Nursing, Regular Track Program
Admission Criteria
Applicants to the part-time Bachelor of Nursing, Post-Diploma program must still meet the same admission criteria as applicants to the full-time program. Please visit the BN, Post-Diploma Program page for more information.
To apply to be admitted to the UCQ Bachelor of Nursing program, visit the how to apply page to get started.