International Business
The Course
The four-year bachelor programme was developed in 2001 by three European universities with specializations in economics, service management and business. This collaboration resulted in a unique, culturally adaptable and interactive study programme that offers students the opportunity to become creative innovators, effective communicators, decisive project managers, informed decision makers and lastly empathetic leaders. The study programme is taught in English language, but it also includes a second foreign language such as German or Spanish which has to be chosen at the beginning of your studies.
Programme and Activities
The First Year – Foundation Phase
During the first year, you will learn about many topics as to give you a wide view of the skills an international manager needs. Subjects such as marketing & sales management, management accounting, international management & organisation and international business environment are being dealt with.
The Second Year – Main Phase
In the second year you will learn you more about everything that has to do with strategy, quality and logistics. Subjects during this year are international people management, corporate marketing communication, research & quality management and export management & logistics.
Year 3 and 4 – Specialization and Graduation The last two years focus on the minor that you have selected. Moreover, a 5-month internship and your dissertation are part of your studies.
Attention: To complete the academic requirements of your Dutch Bachelor of Business Administration degree, you have to obtain 60 ECTS in the Netherlands. In practice, this means that you will spend either part of your second and third or the entire third year at one of our campus locations in the Netherlands.
Current Minors Offered at Stenden University Qatar
International Hospitality Management
International Tourism Management
International HR Management
Event Management
Change & Innovation