Specialist Technical Services
We deliver solutions to today’s challenges by fostering unmatched technical skills. Worldwide, organisations must adapt to unparalleled economic, social and technological change. There is more pressure than ever to deliver more from less, of higher quality, more quickly. Arup’s technical specialists have deep expertise and ingenuity; they share an inventive, joined-up approach and thrive on problem-solving. We don’t rest until we find the best possible solutions to our clients’ challenges. For each challenge, we define ‘best’ as the right combination of quality, economy, innovation and efficiency to meet our client’s individual business needs. At Arup, specialists aren’t confined to the ‘back room’. We are leaders in our fields, and are deeply engaged with our professional and social communities. For clients, our specialists bring not only a tight focus to niche problems, but they can also pool expertise in new ways to develop highly original, improved responses to complex multifaceted situations.
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