Infrastructure Design
Arup has worked with a range of clients to deliver innovative solutions to world-leading infrastructure design projects across the globe. These clients rely on Arup's breadth of skills, experience and excellence in major project delivery. Whether on High Speed 1 in the UK, Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong - one of the world's longest spans for a cable-stayed bridge, protecting the water supply for Las Vegas through work at Lake Mead, or coordinating the successful implementation of Australia's largest public infrastructure programme, the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Programme (SEQIPP), Arup continues to lead the industry. The firm pushes the boundaries of thinking in design to create increasingly innovative project solutions, thereby increasing client outcomes. Major infrastructure projects, by their very nature, involve significant investment. They require solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, sustainable and delivered in an environment in which risks are managed. Infrastructure design brings together many of the skills and services available across Arup, from geotechnics, water engineering, bridge design and tunnels, to site development, rail, mining, waste and highway design. It also brings together truly capable and influential people with wide project experience and interesting and inspirational stories to tell.