Digital Projectors
Techknowledgie takes the pride of being Qatar’s market leader in the Interactive Whiteboards category, covering major independent schools, private schools, colleges and corporate training centers in Qatar. For over 10 years, Techknowledgie has been helping teachers and presenters reach their goals of improving student involvement, increasing academic interests and making educational institutes and training centers globally competitive. More than any hardware and software to get the results, it requires the operational expertise to utilize this solution. And that’s where Techknowledgie plays a major role in providing a complete solution to the end user. Our solution includes not just the products but we do provide a professional training, classroom content, community of peers and a complete after sales support for the solution. This way the user feels comfortable with the technology and can use it very effectively in the classroom. We offer a comprehensive selection of product that complement our Interactive White Board They are modular and easy to use, which give the teacher more ways to keep students engaged and involved.