Week Discovery Day - IKO level1
Price : QR 700 / Person
For who ?
For beginner, from 12 years old. If you have some days off during the week or if you are on holidays in Qatar this is the best program for you.
This course lets you discover the kitesurfing world, you will learn how to fly a kite, and some safety advice regarding the use of the kite. You will get the IKO level 1.
From Sunday to Thursday.You should be free all day long. In this way, the lesson can be planed on the best spot and at the best time.
1 lesson of 2 to 4 hours depending on the forecast conditions and number of students.
In Sumaysimah, Zekreet, al Wakra, according to the wind forecast.
700 QR /pers. 1 kite for 2 students, working as partners. Including: kite, harness +Iko certificate.
The lesson hours are scheduled according to the forecast, if we can’t finish a lesson, these hours will be repeated, (or refunded in particular case only).
• Most of the time FKS give 1 kite for 2 students in this program. In some particular conditions (wind forecast, student level…) we can give 1 kite/1student, in this situation instead of having a 4 hours lesson you’ll have a 2 hours lesson.
• The number of students is limited to 4 per lesson.