Valet Parking
To add a touch of luxury to the quality of service you provide to your clients and guests, Fox Transport Valet Parking is a new way to welcome them to your premises. An efficient way to implement a system to handle the expected number of cars and guests arriving to your location at the same time. This service includes any of the following: designated greeters, stackers and parkers, a system for marking car locations, and sometimes even a shuttle service for valets at large venues in order to expedite car return times at the end of the event. For the first time in the Middle East we introduced the valet parking system for Events. As we know how stressful the arrivals and departures can be. This is why we have a well-organized valet parking system, so that the guests can leave their cars in our skilled hands, to be safely parked throughout the duration of the event and to be delivered back at the end. A ticketing system for chauffeurs ensures that drivers are called only when they are needed, keeping jams to minimum and ensuring getaways are as smooth as possible. One of the most exclusive clients we serve by our unique valet parking service is the world well-known project (The Pearl Qatar) ..the main advantage of valet parking is convenience. Customers don't have to walk from a distant parking spot carrying heavy loads. Many handicapped drivers rely on valet parking when they can't walk from and to a distant parking spot. Likewise people who don't have time to search for a parking spot can valet park without the hassle. Valet parking is especially convienient in bad weather. Most professional valet attendants are well insured, and knowledgeable about nearly every make and model of car and their quirks; including after market alarm systems, keyless ignitions. An advantage of valet parking is that it is possible to pack more cars into a given physical space, in what is generally known as "stack parking." The valet holds all the keys and can park the cars two or more deep, as he can move cars out of the way to free a blocked-in car.