The geographic location of Qatar's peninsula on the eastern coasts of the Arabian peninsula greatly facilitated the opening of the country on different civilizations since the ancient times. This fact had a great impact upon Qatar cultural heritage. The shared elements with the Arabian peninsula countries such as history, language and religion have produced almost an identical cultural heritage. Likewise, Qatar’s longstanding relations with other Asian countries such as India and other African countries have had an impact on its cultural orientation, especially the folklore and popular arts. like other fellow GCC countries, Qatar's folklore is characterized by diversity especially in musical instruments like the Indian Drum and the African Drum, the Tambourine which is used in all Qatari folklore performances, and Al- Mirwas, a small drum held with one hand and beaten with fingers, also Al-Sirnai and the Single String rebeck which is a one string instrument played with a bow made from the hair of a horsetail and the Lute. There are numerous types of popular songs and folklore dances in Qatar. For example, some group performances enact the types of collective physical effort during work such as ship pulling, pushing, loading, unloading or cleaning. These movements are accompanied by slow repetitive humming intended to encourage work and activity. There are group and individual dances. Men usually dance in groups to specific rhythms. Among such dances are Al-Ardah, Al-matari, Tanboura and As-samiri. Comparing to the group dances there existe only few individual dances namely "Ar-razif" which is a dance performed by a single male and involves wielding a sword in hand on the dance floor. Other arts flourished recently such as Plastic arts, including drawings and sculptures in addition to the art of photography to which numerous awards were consecrated. Besides, the Performing Arts such as theater has witnessed lately a remarkable development and several successes were recorded in the Gulf Theater Festivals thanks to the great care paid to these arts.