RHF® Repair & Restoration Floor System
RHF® Duroflow
Duroflow is the ideal product for industrial new flooring or floor restoration. It is ideal for use in high storage serviced by three-wheeled forklifts or where service is of AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) or LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles). The smooth surface and limited the number of joints help to reduce the noise produced by vehicles in service, maintenance of wheels and the electronic circuits of the fork, the vibrations that affect the forklift drivers. Ready to receive epoxy paint in 24 hours with a product of non-membrane formation. Ready for foot traffic: 3-5 hours. Ready for the use of a vehicle 24 hours.
RHF® Durobeton
Durobeton FP Special Mortar for immediate restoration of old and destroyed floors. It is applied by wet on wet or wet on dry methods and troweled finished in a layer of 10-15mm. Durobeton FP extra durability with Polymer fibers for the construction of a really hard and durable floor. For application to old floors. Durobeton M reinforced with metallic fibers for extra strength.
RHF® Joint Repair
The metal joint repair is designed for the repair of failed or spelled concrete joints providing post installed joint armoring which can be used in concrete floor expansion and contraction joints, metal joint repair and set in place with a suitable resin or cementations repair mortar. The 10mm wide steel strips provide heavy duty joint edge (arris) armored protectionwhich signify cantle reduces the joint maintenance requirement compared to other joint types. The punched L section anchor strip firmly secures the steel strips into the concrete and aids the resistance of rotation of the strip from wheel impact. Lapped end boltedconnection speeds up accurate installation and eliminates site welding.