HF® Industrial Floor System
Introduction to HF® SYSTEMS
DFS HF®, floor systems reduce long term maintenance issues and provide a flexible surface for the operator. Our proposals include a design that improves the whole life environmental performance of the system. Our methodology also leads to a dramatic reduction in risk; improve general health and safety of our workforce on the project.
HF® Superflat
Definition of HF® Superflat (Defined Movement Floor) Floors in very narrow aisle racking systems have materials handling equipment that runs in defined and fixed paths between the racking, such as very narrow aisles. Relative Specifications (The Concrete Society’s TR34 Chapter 4 and Appendix C ASTM E1486 Defined Wheel Path Traffic The ACI F min number system DIN 15185) Defined Movement Specifications Although the below specifications have very similar compliance tests for the transverse property, they all have very different methods of measuring the longitudinal property's, save Fmin and TR34 DM categories which are comparable. The comparisons have therefore been made, mainly on the transverse property's and several linear meter of aisle checked with multiple comparative surveys.umber system DIN 15185.
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