Project Management
Industrial Flooring Consultans & Project Managers
Concrete floors are the most critical elements in any industrial facility. This is particularly the case in high-bay warehousing, where high tolerance, very flat floors required for the efficient operation of the materials handling equipment used.
Project Managers
DFS is able to provide specification, tender management, quality control and site supervision services for concrete floor construction & repair throughout the world.
Project Phases Concept
Requirement Analysis Meetings with the client, his team and materials handling equipment suppliers/consultant. Advise on construction method and floor finish options. Provide detailed Specifications and Proceedures including programme constraints, preparation requirements and minimum equipment to be employed.
Design of the floor. Provide Tender drawings showing pouring sequence, joint details etc. Attend design team meetings to ensure full interface with other trades.
Material Approval
Select or approve materials to be used in the construction of the floor slab, particularly advising on concrete mix design. locate and procure toppings, admixtures, sealers and other critical products not available locally, or where those available are unsuitable.
Pre-Construction Meetings Visit site and discuss the proposed procedures and programme with all parties. Visit proposed concrete supplier and assess their resources and quality procedures. Provide working drawings with a detailed programme. Agree resources with the floor laying contractor.
training the flooring contractor where required. Undertake pre-pour inspections, check concrete quality, carry out regular assessments of preparation work with the main contractor to ensure access dates are met, implement enhancements to floor-layng finishing techniques as work proceeds, undertake.
QA/QC Managment
Provide a quality Plan including floor tolerance surveys and co-ordination, inspections, weekly progress and quality reports, joint sealing and cleaning recommendations.
Hand Over Procedures
Management of the initial cleaning operations and carry out regular maintenance inspections for an agreed period.