Superflat Training
DFS is able to train contractors to construct 'Superflat' floors and to supervise the laying of the flooring. Constructing 'Superflat' floors starts on the drawing board. Without a proposed racking layout, the floor cannot be designed or constructed to be 'Superflat', as the floor will only be 'Superflat within the aisles and in the direction the VNA forklift truck will travel. 'Superflat' floors are not 'Superflat' in all directions. After the design of the floor, DFS will advise the contractor on the specialist equipment required to construct the floor, discuss necessary manpower and detailed method statements. Concrete Mix designs will also be considered where discussions with the concrete supplier on mix and consistency are paramount. Our highly experienced team will provide onsite instructions to the contractor, teach the skills and techniques to his employees, that are essential to achieve a high degree of floor flatness. Using our Profileograph, construction progress can be tested and techniques fine tuned where discrepancies are highlighted.