Design & Consultancy
DFS is able to help the client to develop a comprehensive design brief and Employer's Requirements. From this we then develop a detailed construction specification and working drawings for tender purposes. Contractor proposals are checked against the specification to ensure that the Employer's Requirements are satisfied.
Floor Types
Ground supported floors
Specialist surfacing
High Tolerance floors
Sectors Design services
Warehouses and Distribution Centres
Factories & Manufacturing Indudtries Pharmaceuticals
Food processing
Airport Hangar
If there is an existing design then DFS can offer assistance with a critical appraisal of this design. With many years experience in warehouse design, we can execute structural, joint layout and specification analysis of an existing plan.
We have the expertise to carry out structural investigations and design analysis of existing floors. This can be part of a due diligence process for new owners or tenants or as required for a refit of a warehouse where loads are to be increased or where the original design information for the floor is unavailable. Structural appraisals can also form part of dilapidation surveys for building owners.
We are able to perform Crack Surveys which could be used as part of an investigation into the reasons for the formation of cracks in a floor. Cracks can be surveyed, measured and then mapped in AutoCAD for monitoring purposes.
Purchasers or tenants must check the condition of the floor before entering into a building. Inspections range from surface condition through to full structural investigations and analysis, to provide all the necessary information for nessecary action.