Government synergy of contemporary information and communication technologies, such as the internet, local area networks and mobile phones, harnessed by the government, to facilitate public service deliveries to the citizens.We recognize the opportunities in the Government sector in the form of an ideal framework for the dissemination of information, and implementation of government policies. We have, therefore, made it our endeavour to continuously develop holistic technological and managerial solutions to facilitate seamless transactions between three broad segments.Government and public sector organizations and other government institutions (G2G) Government and business communities (G2B) Government and citizens (G2C) Making a difference: We use our core competencies in the G2G segment for the good of society, to benefit literacy, health relief, economic status and related programs. This also helps to store population, land and other data.Better Management: Our work management system aids various areas under the G2G and G2B segments. It can do a variety of tasks, such as maintaining and managing funds and accounts and also keeping an inventory of public works. The G2C and G2B segments can avail the benefits of our system in various ways - like paying various taxes online, and submitting all relevant e-forms for registration of businesses.Better Efficiency:Our solutions for G2C comprise of healthcare, registration of vehicles, renewal of driving licenses, stamp duty registrations, bill payments for various government utilities, grievance registrations, publication of public interest notifications, and most importantly, online education. We bring greater levels of efficiency to the above by ensuring strict compliance of security norms, with the help of passwords, smart cards and subjecting all data to a 64-bit encryption algorithm. Business Values Transformation of government service models from office centric to citizen centric Technology platforms to achieve government objectives of reaching out to a wider section of society Efficient and timely delivery of government services Faster and better decision making process Saving government revenue