Spanco has built an independent business unit which is focused on Citizen Services and Sector Modernization. The competency lies in delivering citizen centric solutions, managing public distribution systems, application development, telemedicine and creating an efficient Government to Citizen Interface. Besides extensive domain expertise, this business unit brings rich experience in managing the project on an end to end basis with working in close association with the Government.Government services required by citizens are manual, cumbersome and follow lengthy procedures. The huge repository has created a knowledge bank in the state for delivery of G2C, G2B and G2G services with increasing pressure over the years for quick delivery. Technology being the only solution to address such issues, various ICT plans were created by state Governments, including implementation of eGovernance solutions proposed by the center. Spanco Limited is one of the most active participants in the governance space delivering Government transformational and modernization Services through Technology and solution created with a decade of experience in Government domain. The e Governance BU at Spanco provides citizen services envisaged under NEGP. Spanco has been instrumental in providing ICT solutions to central government and various state governments.The eGovernance team at Spanco has developed a Technology Infrastructure and Solution platform to deliver end - to - end technology and ICT services to the state government.