Sludge Removal
Sludge Removal Cleaning of storage Tanks Transportation products Industrial vacuum trucks are mainly used for a wide range of applications: sludge removal,cleaning of storage tanks and transportation of hydrocarbon products, in which standard equipment is unsuitable to achieve the required results. Our Vacuum Trucks are equipped with high capacity vacuum pumps capable of handling heavy oil sludge and semi solid materials. When you need the best, you need these kind of equipments. For greater resistance to high-vacuum pressures, it is designed with cylindrical components including round dump tubes and tank to ensure complete material discharge. There are no common walls between chambers so components last longer. For higher fuel efficiency, our equipment has more filter bags (68), creating a better air-to-cloth ratio and a minimal overall pressure drop. The variable-volume hydraulic pump is efficient, too, providing a quick response, generating less heat and requiring less horse power to operate. It offers all this, plus easy maintenance. The filter module components-the bag houses, debris tank, cyclones, and dump tubes-can be individually un bolted and replaced. All door gaskets are D-ring hollow core type and can be cut to fit and replaced in the field