Al Abeer Medical Centres has an outstanding Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Active at all three of Al Abeer campuses these orthopedic surgeons deal with all aspects of musculoskeletal disorders. The orthopedic staff at Al Abeer Medical Centre is committed to the highest quality of both surgical and non-surgical care. They are skilled at dealing with the bone and joint disorders of the pediatric and adolescent population, the adult, and the geriatric population. The orthopedic staff at Al Abeer Medical Centre grows every year with the addition of highly specialized and well-trained physicians. Al Abeer Medical Centre is beginning a sports medicine initiative. Sports medicine is largely the domain of the orthopedic surgeon. In conjunction with the technical staff of the Medical Centre, the orthopedic surgeons at Al Abeer Medical Centres provide comprehensive care and screening to local athletic and scholastic teams. Collaboration with trainers and coaches is geared towards injury prevention. Physicians ensure basic fitness and health standards by providing pre-season examinations. Athletic injuries are dealt with immediately through highly trained sports specialists who are well versed at rehabilitating sports related injuries.