Al Abeer's Cardiology department offers a comprehensive range of cardiac treatments and investigations including outpatient consultations for patients with known or suspected heart disease, supported by a team of clinical physiologists. Modern diagnostic facilities like echocardiography, exercise stress testing and cardiac monitoring. Appointments to see patients are usually available within 24 hours in our centers. Particular expertise exists for assessing patients with chest pain, heart failure and suspected disturbances of heart rhythm, as well as screening for cardiovascular disease. In addition to our team of cardiologists that consult at Al Abeer Medical Centers, we also house cardiac care at Mashfa Al Abeer's Dr. Hassan Gazzawi Hospital & Saudi National Hospital which offer high quality outpatient/inpatient treatments, consultations and investigations for patients with known or suspected heart disease. 24 hour blood pressure monitoring 24 Hour E.C.G Tread mill test Basic lung function Echocardiogram (Stress) Full respiratory function Single and dual chamber defibrillator / pacemaker follow up Sleep assessment Sphygmocor pulse pressure monitoring Stress testing (Exercise tests)