Instant Money Transfer
Let Money Reach your Beneficiary Safe in Seconds
Use the speed and safety of Xpress Money, Western Union and Associate Branch Transfer- instant money transfer services - available at UAE Exchange branches.
Instant money transfer is ideal when your beneficiary needs money in cash immediately. With us, you can send cash in a matter of seconds to any part of the world. Your beneficiary need not have a bank account to receive cash.
Avail the following instant money transfer services at our counters:
Xpress Money – Avail a Most-Used Service and a Best-in-Class Experience
With over 170, 000 agents worldwide and presence in 5 continents, Xpress Money gives easier access to money transfer services for your beneficiary. Beneficiaries can receive money as cash from Xpress Money agents in their area or as a bank account credit.
Note: Account credit transfer is available for select countries. Please visit your nearest UAE Exchange branch for details.
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