Defensive Driver Training
Defensive Driver Training is vital to every business. Driving is the most dangerous activity that most of us have to perform, roads are increasingly busier therefore more dangerous and the road crash death rate is rising. Everyone that uses the roads are at risk of injury or death in every journey they make. In 2007, two hundred people were killed on thre roads in Qatar with over 100,000 crashes, the majority of these were caused by driver error (95%), but with the correct training many of these problems can be avoided. Defensive Driver Training is an investment not an expense. That is why forward planning management use Defensive Driver Training to reduce costs and increase profitability. QISC can offer new solutions for issues in the field of road safety. QISC have carefully researched client needs which have resulted in specifically designed courses to meet demand and present driving conditions, our Defensive Driving Courses have proven to be very successful so you can depend on QISC to provide the training that will meet your needs and that of your driving staff. With the current expansion and on going development of the Defensive Driving Department we have now integrated VIP and Emergency response training into our programme. All our courses are certified and we have recently been awareded IVV accreditation, International recognition in Driver Education. QISC has a growing team of Instructors most of whom have qualified in the UK to the highest standards. The following is a list of the courses that can be provided by QISC: Defensive Driver Training (Light Vehicle) Defensive Driver Training (Heavy Vehicle) Emergency Response VIP Driver Training Desert Driving Fork Lift Training Lifting Operations Driving Assessments