Defensive Driving Course (DDC)
National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses are the most effective training for changing driver behaviors to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and deaths. This course is for experienced licensed drivers; organizations that want a driver improvement course for their employers. DDC courses are being run at DISS Doha and Alkhor. Our team will be happy to deliver training at any part of Qatar Course content: Practical Knowledge and techniques to avoid traffic collisions and violations Why choosing safe, responsible, and lawful driving behaviors and habits makes personal and financial sense Factors one can control before driving, from emotions to vehicle maintenance How to drive defensively in unpredictable conditions How driver attitude and behavior can help prevent collisions and poor decision making How to prevent collisions and recognize potential hazards NSC Instructor Certified trainers will be conducting the course. Course Materials Course Guide – A 56 page full color participant Course Guide with easy to understand content enhanced illustrations, session objectives, learner centered activities and discussion questions also is an excellent take-home reference after course completion. Power Point and Videos: An interactive, visual presentation contain full – action animation and graphics, with key concepts emphasized and driver re-enactments demonstrated to reinforce learning objectives