DD to the Rescue
Drowning Statistics To understand why it is so important to think about safety when in or around the water, one needs only to look at drowning statistics. 1.2 million people around the world die by drowning every year; that is more than two persons per minute. From that more than 50 percent are children. There are perhaps eight to ten times that many who experience a drowning process but who reach safety alone or are rescued. Swim Inadequate supervision, the inability to swim, and lack of barriers separating children from pools and other water are the main causes of drowning with children. Drowning statistics are unavailable in Qatar as well as there is no national legislation or standard established regulating pools and beaches about water safety and guarding practices. Many pools and beaches are unguarded while at the same time many local and expatriate families engage in water activities or activities near pools or beaches, hence the importance of raising water safety awareness in the community. Importance of swimming Unlike many animals that instinctively and naturally swim if suddenly dropped into the water, humans must learn how to survive in the water. Swimming and water survival skills are what Doha Dolphins offers the communities in Qatar. Learning to swim ensures “personal survival’, this means being able to help oneself from trouble in the water without the help of others, or being able to keep from drowning while waiting for help. Swimming is a core-life skill and everyone deserves the opportunity to learn how. Doha Dolphins to the Rescue The Doha Dolphins swimming Club was founded in 2002 and increased its membership from 120 members to currently 1,789 members. Our club aims to raise water safety awareness and promote the importance of learning how to swim in the community by offering affordable, inclusive, approachable and quality-based swimming classes. We pride ourselves on our commitment to teaching and coaching swimming at the highest possible standards and being an all-inclusive club to both children and adults. Our aim is to teach swimming, to have fun, to stay fit and healthy, and most of all to be safe. Doha Dolphins provides a pathway for children as well as adolescents and adults starting from the learn-to-swim formative years to technique development through to high performance training and racing. Our competitive swimmers are the role models for our younger groups to lead them the way to safety and a healthy sports practice. We focus on promoting the culture of swimming by creating opportunities for swimmers and coaches of all backgrounds and providing the highest quality swim education and personalized service in a friendly and supportive environment in order to become water safe, enable our members to maximize potential and to go on and develop a lifelong love for swimming. We believe swimming is truly one of the few safe and healthy "Sports for Life"! Since its inception in 2002 Doha Dolphins have taught 6,323 children and 874 adults in Doha how to swim, meaning we have potentially saved 7,197 lives.