BC Trading is the only supplier of chutes in Qatar from The Superchute Factory, UK. SUPERCHUTE® polyethylene trash chutes are the choice of suppliers & contractors throughout North America. Superb ease-of-use and durability provide a quick, clean, & safe solution. They are ideal for Builders Roofers Scaffolders Masons Demo Contractors Supply Houses Rental Stores Renovators The varieties are; Plastic chutes, Canvas chutes, Nesting chutes, Telescopic chutes, Chute hoists for lifting, anchoring, and lowering the chute, Column forms that are reusable & non-stick, Debris netting, Portable guardrail systems. Useful Accessories: 1) Steel Liners Use to reinforce the sections that bend into the container 2) Door Adjustment Kits Use to adjust the height of installed door sections 3) Come Alongs Use with Door Adjustment Kit 4) Container Cord Use to secure chute to container 5) Fire Prevention Accessories & tips for fire prevention 6) Repair Kits For repair of broken clasps or perforations in the chute wall 7) Rubble Bags A great way to move rubble quickly, cleanly and efficiently 8) Chute Banner An excellent advertising tool for high visibility 9) Laser Range Meter Use to measure a vertical distance while staying on the ground 10) Entry Trough Use to access the chute from a distance