Industrial Exhaust Fans
Green mount Fans, UK- Worldwide - supplier of quality fans for over 30 years. For over 30 years they have produced a range of centrifugal, axial and bifurcated fans for the industrial and HVAC sectors. In this time they have built an enviable reputation for a quality product built upon engineering excellence and practical solutions to customers’ individual requirements. The basic design work, concept related creativity and technical advancements made by their group of companies have made them one of the leading recognized manufacturers of centrifugal and axial flow fans. They offer the following services: Design of fan units Testing available at point of manufacture or upon installation. All types of commissioning work undertaken, including vibration analysis, performance and noise testing. Static and dynamic balancing of fans in situ or at their works. They undertake all types of refurbishment work. Which can be carried out on their fans or fans of a differerent manufacture, both in situ or at their works. A complete range of spares for all types of fan units are available. A comprehensive after sales service is in operation. Some of their fan range are as follows.. Axial Fan Range Centrifugal Fan Range Atex Fan Accessories Industries for which their fans are supplied include: HVAC, Chemical Processing, Plastics Processing, Paper Processing , Packaging, Timber Processing , Wool Processing, Ovens & Furnaces, Spray Drying , Mining & Power, Recycling, Water & Sewage, Treatment, Dairy, Food Industry, Metals Processing , Ventilation, Agriculture, etc.