Evening Dining Restaurant
Bentley’s Grill
Reminiscent of a private gentlemen’s club, Bentley’s Grill offers a complete steak experience, with the finest seared Wagyu beef featured on Chef Jurgen’s creative menu. Enjoy a divine dining experience alongside a crackling fire.
Bombay Balti
Named for the steel or iron pot used to prepare the food (“bucket” in Hindi), this casual but busy Indian curry house serves quick, easy, passionate meals in an atmosphere of Old India, complete with delicate fragrances, eclectic décor and famous naan bread.
The first genuine Tandoori cuisine in Doha, Chingari (which translates as “sparkling charcoal”) truly crackles with authenticity. Feast on the freshest produce marinated and cooked in traditional clay ovens, then served in Maharajahan splendour as live musicians play the sitar and sing love songs. Dine on feisty fish tikkas, aromatic lamb or sag aloo, and for delicate flavouring, the famous butter chicken.
This French restaurant oozes elegance and sophistication from every drop of wine and crumble of tarte au chocolate. One of the finest gourmet restaurants in Qatar, guests enjoy a magnificent tribute to one of the world’s most famed cuisines.
This speciality tapas restaurant brings an authentic, vibrant taste of Spain to Doha. Step inside and discover these delicious and flexible dishes made for sharing. Enjoy a wine, sangria or beer poured up in a friendly, rustic ambience.
Pier 12
A seafood lover’s paradise, Pier 12 offers the best fish from around the world, flown in and cooked to guests’ specifications. Explore the melting texture of the Bouillabaisse soup, share a pot of mussels or enjoy a personalised fish recipe. Alaskan crab cakes and surf ‘n’ turf are also firm favourites.
Ruby Wu’s
From Hong Kong to Beijing, this restaurant explores all the culinary delights of China, with fast-paced, energetic service and full-of-life atmosphere. From dumplings to duck, sizzling beef to spiced snapper, there is bound to be something to quench even a dragon-sized appetite.
Yokkoso ("welcome") to the masterful culinary sensations created every evening in the hotel’s sushi and teppanyaki restaurant. Enjoy the theatre of Japanese chefs preparing fresh, flavourful dishes with enthusiastic precision.
The Italian Job
This family-friendly restaurant serves authentic, rustic Italian fare. Be enthralled by the voices of singing waiters while savouring fresh pasta and pizzas cooked to perfection in the wood-burning oven.
Opening hours for all venues (Daily): From 18:00