Safety Assessment Of Foreign Aircraft (State of Qatar – SAFA Program)
This section explains the State of Qatar Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) program established by an Administrative Order: A.O. – OPS 01 of 2012: “Governing the safety of aircraft operated by foreign operators using State airports” and the role of The State in it.
International Requirements
International civil aviation is governed by the Convention on International Civil Aviation (commonly known as the Chicago Convention). Under this Convention, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, sets the minimum Standards and Recommended Practices for international civil aviation. These standards are contained in 18 Annexes to the Convention. Individual States remain responsible for regulating their aviation industries but have to take into account the requirements of the Convention and the minimum standards established by ICAO. The main standards that apply to airlines are in three of the 18 Annexes.
• Annex 1 deals with personnel licensing including flight crew
• Annex 6 deals with the operation of aircraft
• Annex 8 deals with airworthiness.
The responsibility for implementing Annexes 1 and 8 rests with the State of Registry, that is the State in which the aircraft is registered. The responsibility for implementing Annex 6 rests with the State of Operator, the State in which the airline is based. Often the State of Operator and the State of Registry will be the same, as airlines tend to operate aircraft registered in the State in which they are based.
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