Air Accident Investigation
Air Accident Investigation Unit is regarded as one of the administrative units that are under the supervision CAA chairman, and it was included in the organizational structure in August 2012. AAIU performs the following functions:
• Control air accident investigation operations in the State of Qatar;
• Propose air accident investigation regulations;
• Follow up international changes and developments of air accident investigation rules, regulations, methods, and seek to implement them locally;
• Issue final reports on air accident investigation operations after completion;
• Cooperate with relevant external bodies in regard of accidents occurring to foreign aircrafts within the State of Qatar, or accidents of aircrafts registered in the State occurring outside of Qatar;
• Develop a database of accidents and incidents occurring to registered aircrafts or to foreign aircrafts while in the State of Qatar;
• Set up emergency plans to be implemented in the event of an aircraft accident;
• Preserve crash sites and carry out fact checking before allowing any external intervention;
• Cooperate with air operators with a view to improve Air Safety in the State of Qatar;
• Cooperate with regional and international bodies to reach the highest levels of Air Safety and reduce accidents