Roof Insulation
The upside-down roof concept is as simple to use as it is effective. As you see in the following pictures. The efficiency of the upside-down roof concept has been proved extensive tests and practical application over long years in Europe, Canada, USA and the Middle East. Advantages of the Upside down roof concept Simplicity of the application of this concept Efficiency which is proven in most of world countries The waterproofing membrane is protected from extreme thermal stresses, high ultraviolet exposure and from mechanical stresses occurring during construction and subsequent use. The life expectancy of the waterproofing membrane is substantially increased. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Roofing membrane reduces temperature variation, in the upside-down-roof. Installation Polyfoam panels can be worked with conventional wood working tools. The panels could be bound together with hot bitumen, dispersion-type structural or special adhesives. Instruction for use and safety precautions relating to the adhesive must be observed