Balls & Accessories
"A ball is a round, usually spherical but sometimes ovoid, object with various uses. It is used in ball games, where the play of the game follows the state of the ball as it is hit, kicked or thrown by players." (Source: Wikipedia) Balls for all sports … Balls are the most important sports equipment at all. Not only with classic ball sports such as soccer, handball, basketball and volleyball the ball is the spotlight, but also with team sports such as fistball and netball or with rebound games such as tennis, table tennis and badminton. It is simply impossible not to use the round, sometimes egg-shaped or with feathers equipped sports equipment. … for practice, competitions and methodology … For all of these sports our product range offers a wide selection of balls, from low cost practice balls for schools and clubs up to premium competition and tournament balls of leading top brands. Also, with balls for fitness and gymnastics, sports for the elderly or day care facilities you find the right equipment in our product range no matter if you are looking for balls of leather or rubber foam, with jingles or knobs, with or without a cord. ... and much more With balls only you still do not have it covered all! Therefore, we also offer the right accessories for it: Ball pumps and compressors for in- and deflating of balls as well as bags, nettings, racks and lockers for transport and safe storage of your round sports equipment. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS