Oil & gas testing summary
Exova understands oil and gas and the testing required to support the industry. We recognise the commercial and operational demands facing your organisation and create solutions that support you at every stage of your product lifecycle. With a true global footprint, we can meet your testing needs, on demand. When you absolutely must have quality assured testing our portfolio of services will give you the confidence in the safety and performance of your key assets.Exova’s portfolio of oil and gas testing services include: ASTM fuel testing Charpy impact test Coatings formulation and testing Coatings testing and consultancy Conventional and oil sands core testing Core analysis Corrosion testing Drop weight tear tests Engineering critical assessment Environmental monitoring assessment Failure analysis and Expert Witness services Full ring test (FRT) / Full ring corrosion testing Geotechnical services Metallurgical testing Metals testing for pipelines Oil testing Onsite testing Petroleum testing Pipe reeling and impact studies.Pipeline coating testing, corrosion services, pipeline failure analysis and inspection Polymer testing and plastics testing Reservoir engineering and fluid analysis Specialist engineering Steel catenary risers fatigue Welder performance qualification Welding certification and consultancy