Weld testing services
Weld testing is critical to oil and gas asset integrity. The quality of welding can significantly impact safety and performance and, with the push into ever more demanding environments, the use of new techniques and changing demands on materials require a greater emphasis on weld testing and qualification. Exova is a recognised leader in weld testing services. We have a number of CPN and CSWIP-qualified weld inspectors as well as certified welding engineers, who together offer a comprehensive service in this critical technical area.We conduct weld testing services to recognised international codes and standards. Whether your requirement is in weld / welder certification, testing, inspection or forensic failure analysis, we can support you at every stage of the asset life cycle. Our full spectrum of weld testing services include: Visual assessment and macro-examination of welds Non-destructive testing / evaluation (NDT/NDE) Chemical analysis and PMI testing of weld deposits Hardness surveys Mechanical property measurement (bend testing, tensile testing, impact testing, CTOD testing)Metallurgical examination of weld and HAZ microstructures Corrosion testing Examination and identification of weld defects Failure analysis