Utilities testing
Effective utilities testing, no-matter the challenge With natural resource management under the public and regulatory spotlight, Exova has become the partner of choice for many leading utility companies seeking guaranteed supply, minimal leakage, and extension to asset life. We support customers in the water, waste water and gas supply sectors by providing utilities testing and advisory services that protect both reputations and the bottom line.Independent and objective Exova is at the forefront of utility pipe material testing and rehabilitation technology. Our broad range of utilities testing services provide support at every stage of your asset programme, from design and materials selection, to the testing of pipelines and couplings, and installation qualification. In the event of utilities asset failure, our engineering consultants will analyse and identify the source of breakdown and monitor repairs to ensure the required standards are met. Faced with more challenging incidents, our experts can also conduct forensic investigations and and act as expert witnesses in support of possible litigation. Wholly independent and entirely objective, our accredited laboratories and mobile units ensure you not only meet regulatory responsibilities but save on the cost of long term repair and new installation. Our range of expertise covers all asset materials including polyethylene, PVC, thermoplastics, GRP, composites, iron, steel and concrete.