Oil and gas corrosion testing
As oil and gas production pushes deeper into the world’s harshest geological environments, there is an increasing requirement to prove the suitability of material selection. Exposure of assets to water and hydrogen sulphide brings a greater need for assurances on the performance of coatings, platings and metals. Premature metal corrosion threatens a breakdown in supply and costly remedial action and, in extreme cases, can compromise reputations or lead to environmental damage.Future-proofing your assets Exova is a recognised world-leader in corrosion testing and consulting. The Exova Corrosion Centre links a global network of specialist laboratories where our teams recreate an extensive range of environmental testing, giving you assurances on asset performance and safety. Through expert analysis of simulation exposure data, we can help you to reduce the future risk of damage to pipelines and other key assets. Our services cover a full spectrum of environmental testing simulations, including pipeline corrosion testing for sour and non-sour applications; hydrogen testing; pitting; full ring tests; and a full range of SCC tests. Working with Exova corrosion testing experts will ensure you keep oil and gas supplies flowing, while protecting your reputation and bottom line.