Activities and Procedures
At Busy Bees, you will find a wide range of appropriate learning materials and stimulating, high quality toys and activities that take place both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting). Children are encouraged to exercise, rest and play, contributing positively to their physical, emotional and educational development. Surrounded by their peers, they can develop at their own pace, play a full part in activities devised for their age and enthusiastically learn new skills. Every child is recognised and treated as an individual, within a framework of the highest ethical standards and equal opportunities. We work closely with parents to provide a level of care that meets the high standards you would expect for your child. Our main emphasis of learning will be through play but children will be taught to enjoy arts and crafts, early maths, science, language and physical development according to their age and ability. All children are offered equal opportunities in an atmosphere that reflects a balanced and progressive model of planned learning.