Bus services & Rental
Mass Transit Department We provide the most economical and practical mass transportation solutions including: School Bus Contract Pulic Bus Services (PSV) Contracts, Private Hire Buses and Transport Management for Events Our aim to introduce a modern public transport system that will provide a high level of accessibility, stability & quality service for the citizens within all areas of Qatar in support of the Government’s strategic sustainable development objectives. Our public network currently consists of 38 routes running a minimum of 18 hours daily. Plan is to increase connectivity, reduce waiting time, real time display in bus stops and integration with future transport networks, i.e. metro, rail, etc. Mission: To provide the residents and companies within the State of Qatar with a quality public and private passenger transport system and act as a basis for the social framework and to cause a behavioral change in transport for the majority of the public. Vision: To assist in the vision of the Corporation by making Mowasalat the employer of choice producing well trained drivers and operational staff to improve and increase the standard of our services. Value: To achieve a high level of customer service and satisfaction by maintaining standards and punctuality at all levels within the organization SCHOOL BUSES The school bus is the backbone of transportation for many children within our community, in both rural and urban areas. A well-planned and reliably run bus operation is a fundamental quality of a good school system. To ensure the school bus operation meets the requirements of the community, we strive in fulfilling the unique needs of our community student riders, by logically adapting responsiveness to various contingencies, therefore striving for the delivery of a quality service, increase ridership & lesser private cars dropping & picking up making school zone a safe zone, alleviate congestion & pollution and reduce accidents & incidents. For the academic year 2013-2014, 200 new Karwa-26 seat buses were allocated to various primary and model schools across Qatar as per the instruction of the SEC. The current number of buses running in schools is 1,564 and the number is expected to increase gradually toward 1,700 plus buses. With the opening of new schools, Mowasalat is transporting students to 232 schools in the state of Qatar.