The Bioinformatics Core provides services and expertise to assist investigators in all fields of biomedical data analysis, project planning, and grant preparation. We provide three levels of services Consultancy [free of charge] On short notice users can discuss their research project with a bioinformatics expert in order to identify potential points of interaction. In many cases, suitable web-based solutions are available to solve a given project. We assist the users in finding the appropriate tool and support them when using it. This service may lead to a follow-up of one of the following two: Fee-for-service [funding to be provided] In some cases, specific bioinformatics tools or services need to be programmed. Smaller projects can be conducted by staff from the bioinformatics core; for larger projects new staff can be hired and supervised by the Bioinformatics Core in order to full-fill project specific tasks. Scientific cooperation [common publication, funding can be shared] We are interested to engage in collaborative projects when these fall within the scope of our research, that is, in particular the genetics and metabolomics of diabetes and its co-morbidities. However, we are always interested in new and interesting challenges.