Button Brackets
A Numeric iButton Keypad, (with Micro Chip iButtons) also known as the security guards “Event Wallet” is a high-tech wallet keypad containing 12 buttons from 0 to 9, CLEAR and ENTER. This event wallet is carried by the security guard as he conducts his tours around the clients’ facility. By touching the “Exoda Guard Patrol Pen” on the appropriate pre-programmed ibuttons the guard can enter and register individual serious of events or incidents. All events are represented by a number or combination of numbers which enables the security guard to register a series of events and post duties such as property inspection, perimeter patrol, doors checked, incidents occurred , meter readings, and other programmable events as required by individual posts & clients. The security guards tour details, incidents and events will all then be logged into the online software via the internet allowing the clients and our security supervisors or our dispatch department to review and monitor the security guards performance and attendance over the internet.