Test & Launch
Phase 4 - Test & Launch Testing is an important aspect of all projects and different methods will be employed at specific phases. More about the different methods is outlined below: Arrow Functional Testing Functional Testing can be considered as a ‘Black Box’ test, as it ignores the internal mechanism or structure of a system or component, and focuses on the outputs generated in response to the selected inputs. We believe a functional test is a necessity in the implementation of any web project in order to evaluate the compliance of the selected system with the stated functional requirements. Arrow User Acceptance Testing A User Acceptance Test (UAT) will be conducted to determine whether or not a system satisfies the client's requirements, and to enable the client to determine whether or not to accept the system. A User Acceptance Test is performed purely from the user’s perspective. Though similar to the Functional Test, the UAT is a shallower examination of the system than the Functional Test. Principally the UAT would confirm that various outputs expected from the application are displayed, but does not check the authenticity of the output, and whether it conforms to the required result. For the majority of our clients we have an ongoing relationship where we continue to work with them to constantly improve the sites that we have helped to create. This is particularly important in the areas of usability and accessibility where we seek to ensure that not only are standards met, but that brand and communication requirements are not lost. We also believe that project feedback and project analysis play a key role, as it is important to build on the momentum of the site creation and ensure that the site continues to grow and develop, in content, functionality and effectiveness. We welcome a post-launch project review with clients so that we can openly discuss how the project progressed, any errors that were made and how we might improve our performance in the future. We treat these reviews very seriously and endeavour to use their output to enhance our ongoing client relationship.