Phase-1 -Discover This initial requirement capturing phase is crucial to ensuring the eventual success of a project. During this phase we envisage Gulf Interactive and the client's team working closely together to define the scope of the project, determine appropriate resource allocation, confirm the budget, outline key responsibilities and define timings. Work includes refinement of the project scope, the project timeline, the project planning, and resource allocation. As part of the definition of the scope of the project we assess the overall objectives for viability and sense, and then consider this against infrastructure, user behaviour and the resource available from the client. The outputs produced during this strategic phase define the shape and context of the final product. Without the outputs from this phase it would not be possible for our designers and programmers to design and build the website. During this phase of the project we would gather the information needed to determine the appropriate information architecture and navigation. Arrow Information Architecture The Information Architecture (IA) determines the structure for the site in terms of the main content areas required to meet the visitor’s needs, and begins to identify the number of templates required, and the constant navigation. Arrow Timeline The Timeline is a detailed project timeline that shows each stage of the project as a series of detailed tasks. This allows us to see how each part of the project interrelates with other parts, and also clearly shows how any delays may have a knock-on effect on the project completion date. We use Microsoft Project to create this timeline and then ensure that it is regularly updated as the project progresses. Using this timeline clients are able to see when input will be needed from them, and can therefore ensure their staff are available when required. Arrow Communication Brief The Communication Brief records what it is we are going to create. It is used to inform our designers about your key audiences, your key communication themes and clarifies the treatment of your branding and messaging on the web, as well as any defining any design or technical mandatories. Arrow Wire Frames Wire Frames are created to ensure that all required content areas are included in each page. Our designers then use the Communications Brief and Wire Frames to produce a number of different design concepts for joint discussion. Arrow Functional Specification The Functional Spec lists the technical needs and capabilities of the website. This document is used by our designers to ensure that functionality required is included in their designs, and by our programmers to ensure that the functionality required is included during the website build.