At Gulf Interactive we are firm believers in the value of workshops to help large organizations develop a strategic roadmap that lays out their on-line strategy for the coming two to three years. Each of your internal departments will have differing requirements – HR will probably want to see on-line job applications, Finance will want to see on-line financial information available to trusted third-parties within a secure password protected area, PR will want to see a Media section with press releases and media information, Marketing will want to see promotional tools implemented on-line, whilst Head Office will be interested in posting annual reports and CSR information. In an ideal world budgets would allow all requirements to be implemented at once, but in reality a prioritised phased approach is more usual. Our strategic workshops focus upon how these key departments and employees view the role of company website, how they would like to see it developed, what is urgent and what can be considered ‘Phase 2’, and so sets out to determine the roadmap for the future. The workshop is a creative, thought provoking and an informative process that is led by an experienced strategist/facilitator. Each qualitative workshop involves small teams of employees who become participants in colourful, paper-based tasks and brain-storming activities. The results from each team exercise are displayed, and a discussion on the findings is led by the facilitator, who encourages feedback from all the participants equally. This methodology encourages open discussion and blue-sky thinking. A presentation of the results, by the facilitator to senior management allows for open evaluation and discussion on the findings. The outcome is an in depth understanding of both user and corporate expectations for the website. The result is a balanced and unbiased proposal for an exciting, accessible and effective website design that has a defined development path allowing planned growth in the coming years.