Food Service
During students’ break times, the Cafeteria provides a selection of warm and cold foods and drinks for the students. Parents may wish to supplement this by arranging for their child to bring a packed lunch to school. If this is the case, please ensure that your child has a lunch box for his/her lunch items. As part of our emphasis on healthy food choices, we recommend the following: a sandwich containing fresh natural ingredients, such as salad, cooked meats, jam or cheese (Please do not send chocolate spread or peanut butter); fresh fruits or vegetables (cucumber, carrot, celery…); biscuits (without chocolate); water and/or Fresh juice (not nectar or juice drink). During hot weather it is essential that your child has sufficient water or juice. Please, use non-breakable containers; no glass bottles as these can shatter and possibly result in injury; carbonated and/or “high energy” drinks are strictly forbidden in school.