Theoretical Training It is a set of theoretical lessons including some topics regarding traffic rules, principles of safe driving, how to control the vehicle, how to avoid road hazards, how to deal with road users, driving ethics, and how to face emergencies. The lessons will be supported by pictures, films, statistics, and modern educational aids in the lecture halls. Qualified teachers will deliver the lessons in many languages. If the trainee passes the theoretical test, he/she can join training for the practical test. In case of not passing that test; he/she should reapply for another test. The duration of the theoretical training should be determined by the computer according to the duration of the course. The trainee can join training for the practical test, provided that he/she already passed the theoretical test. Practical Training During the training period,the trainee will practice how to drive, how to control the vehicle, how to deal with the road, etc. First, the trainee will practice the driving ona simulator to understand the principles of driving, then he/she will practicedriving the vehicle inside the school and then outside. The duration of practical training is determined by the trainee level and his/her ability to control the vehicle to ensure that the trainee can drive safely on the road.