We Provide Core drilling from 25 mm to 60 mm diameter. Wall saving and wire sawing in reinforced concrete. Cutting openings / modifications for various depths and dimensions. Chemical anchoring. Concrete demolition works. We are currently working with many leading projects & contractors in above operating countries routinely providing cores and opening to accommodate the installation of MEP services and for various openings on fast track projects.All our Staff is well trained by HILTI who is the world's leading manufacturer of sawing coring and drilling equipments. With the technical support of HILTI,We have always achieved success in delivering as committed. Types of coring & cutting are mentioned below: CONCRETE WALL SAWING(HILTI-DP-LP 32) Breaches and opening for windows and doors etc. Concrete demolition and remedial work. Cutting to a depth of 73 cm CONCRETE WIRE SAWING(HILTI-DS-WSS 30)Wet Cutting large opening of all kinds in thick structural components. Technical demolition ,cutting away. Foundation,chimneys supports,etc. Sawing heavily-reinforced concrete,thick masonry etc. Underwater applications,low noise sawing. CONCRETE CORING(HILTI-DD 130/DD 200/DD 500) Wet drilling in reinforced concrete from 25 mm to 600 mm diameter. Stitch drilling for breaches. Openings for MEP services. Penetration for ducts,pipes,& cables. Large diameter coring,manholes / foundations. CHEMICAL ANCHORING(RE-BARRING) & PULLOUT TEST(HILTI HIT RE -500) Highest loads with rebar in a wide range of diameter (8 to 40 mm) Optimum bonding time 20 minutes Especially suitable for rebar applications,anchor roads,profiles,sections,round bars,etc.