Specialized Green Building
Getting the required Sustainable Strategy Elements into the project design documents. >> Guiding the Design teams to achieve LEED® points or QSAS / GSAS criteria through an Integrated Design Process (IDP). >> Facilitate and Streamline the LEED® Or QSAS / GSAS certification application development, submissions, and approval process. >> Providing the required LEED® rating system training for the design team to put them in the right track to achieve project goals. >> Providing the required QSAS / GSAS Guidance for the design team to achieve the targeted rating with minimum effort and cost implication. Our experience with these services on our LEED® & QSAS / GSAS certified projects has demonstrated that having a single entity be Responsible for the entire CERTIFICATION Process and/or commissioning will save time & effort for the Design teams to concentrate on the project design. Because our sole responsibility is to coordinate the LEED or QSAS / GSAS process and team players as well as track compliance and documentation, our focus remains exclusively on the goal of the targeted certification. The integrated design process (IDP) unique to Green Building Practices is often a new way to do business for many. Having a LEED® Facilitator or GSAS Service Provider guide and manage the process and team serves to insure a more effective and successful outcome.